Degree College Cancellation of admission & Refund of Fees

(Subject to revision from time to time)

Students are hereby informed that cancellation of admission followed by refund of fees
will only be done if the following procedure is followed 

a)    Student must gives an application for cancellation through the Mastersoft On line ERP portal filling in all the details specified. A print out of the application will then be attached and submitted to the office for further processing along with their hand written application

b)    The office admin staff will forward the same to the Vice principal in charge of the respective faculty who will append their comments after due discussions with HOD and send it to principal for final approval.

c)     The document after receiving approval from Principal will be forwarded to Accounts Office for initiation of refund. All amounts refunded must be logged in the Mastersoft portal and will be done through NEFT banking facilities. Amount refunded will be as per the Ordinance relating to the refund of all the fees which will be related to all the faculties 

d)    Refund amount to be released after cancellation of admission will be as per Ordinance 0.2859

 O.2859 : Refund of Tuition, Development and all other fees after cancellation of

admissions : The candidates who have taken admission in under graduate courses in

Govt. colleges, in Govt. aided and unaided courses conducted by affiliated colleges, and recognized institutions may request for refund of fees after applying in writing for cancellation of their admission to the course. The refund of fees as applicable shall be made on or before 30th day after the date of cancellation and thereafter. The percentage of fees for the course shall be refunded to the candidate after deducting
charges as follows : –

Fees Deduction on cancellation of admission 



Percentage of Deduction charges


Prior to Commencement of
Academic Term

Rs.500/- Lump sum

upto 20 days after the
Commencement of Academic Term

20% of the Total Amount of

From 21st day upto 50 days
after the 
Commencement of Academic Term

30% of the Total Amount of

From 51st day upto 80 days
after the 
Commencement of Academic Term of the course or 31st August whichever is earlier

50% of the Total Amount of

From 81days to110 days after
commencement of academic term or From September 1st to September 30th September whatever is earliest 

60% of the Total Amount of

After 110 days or September
30th whatever is earliest


100% of the Total Amount of


 NOTE : The total amount considered for the refund of fees from the commencement of academic term of the course includes the following:

1. All the fees items chargeable for one year are as per relevant University
circular for different Faculties (excluding the courses for which the total
amount is fixed by other competent authorities).

2. The fees charged towards group insurance and all fees components to be paid as
University share (including Vice-Chancellor’s fund, University fees for sports
and cultural activities, E-charge, disaster management fund, exam fees and
Enrollment fees) are non refundable if payment is made by the college prior to
the date of cancellation.

3. Fees collected for Identity card and Library card, admission form and
prospectus, enrollment and any other course specific fees are not refundable
after the commencement of the academic term.

4. All refundable deposits (Laboratory, Caution Money and Library etc.) shall be
fully returned at the time of cancellation.


Kindly Note

• Provided that wherever
admissions are made through centralized admission process for professional
and/or for any other courses by other competent Authorities, the 
Refund Rules are applicable if

specified by such authorities (as per the rules of relevant agencies) for the 1st year admission.

• In case of admission to subsequent years of the course, O.2859 is applicable for cancellation of admission. Provided further that this refund rules is concurrent with the rules
and guidelines of other Professional statutory bodies appointed for admission to relevant courses.


• Further that O.2859-A & O.2859-B have been repealed and the amended O.2859 relating to the refund of Tuition Fees, Development and all other fees after cancellation of admission for the Under Graduate Courses has been brought into force with effect from the academic year 2008 – 2009  

Vide : University Circular UG/253 of 1996

“O.2574: (a) The registration fee once paid for the post – graduate course will not be refunded for any reason.  

o The tuition fees paid by a candidate for the course in which he is registered as a post-graduate student will be refunded to him if he leaves the said course without attending any lectures, seminars or practicals, subject to a deduction of 25% of the tuition fees there from the administrative charges. An application by the candidate for such refund will
only be entertained if it is received by the Registrar / Head of the University
Department within fifteen days from the date of commencement of the lectures of
the academic year in which the fees is paid.


• The tuition fees paid by a candidate for the course in which he is registered as a post-graduate student will be refunded to him if he leaves the said course and joined the another
course of this University for which he applied at the same time and the selection for the new course of this University is made later, subject to a deduction of 25% of the tuition fees there from for administrative charges. An application entertained if it is received by the Registrar/Head of the University
Department within fifteen days from the date
of his paying tuition fees for the new course