Computer Science

FY/SEM IComputer Organization and Design
 Programming with Python- I
 Free and Open Source Software
 Database Systems
 Discrete Mathematics
 Descriptive Statistics and Introduction to Probability
 Soft Skills Development
FY/SEM IIProgramming with C
 Programming with Python– II
 Data Structures
 Statistical Methods and Testing of Hypothesis
 Green Technologies
SY/SEM IIITheory of Computation
 Core JAVA
 Operating System
 Database Management Systems
 Combinatorics and Graph Theory
 Physical Computing and IoT Programming
 Skill Enhancement: Web Programming
SY/SEM IVFundamentals of Algorithms
 Advanced JAVA
 Computer Networks
 Software Engineering
 Linear Algebra using Python
 .NET Technologies
 Skill Enhancement: Android Developer Fundamentals
TY/SEM VArtificial Intelligence
 Linux Server Administration
 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
 Information and Network Security
 Architecting of IoT
 Web Services
 Game Programming
TY/SEM VIWireless Sensor Networks and Mobile Communication
 Cloud Computing
 Cyber Forensics
 Information Retrieval
 Digital Image Processing
 Data Science
 Ethical Hacking


FY/SEM IImperative Programming 
 Digital Electronics 
 Operating Systems 
 Discrete Mathematics 
 Communication Skills 
FY/SEM IIObject oriented Programming 
 Microprocessor Architecture 
 Web Programming 
 Numerical and Statistical Methods 
 Green Computing 
SY/SEM IIIPython Programming 
  Data Structures 
 Computer Networks 
 Database Management Systems 
 Applied Mathematics
SY/SEM IVCore Java
 Introduction to Embedded Systems
 Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques 
 Software Engineering
 Computer Graphics and Animation
TY/SEM VSoftware Project Management
 Internet of Things
 Advanced Web Programming
 Linux System Administration
 Enterprise Java
TY/SEM VISoftware Quality Assurance
 Security in Computing
 Business Intelligence
 Principles of Geographic Information Systems
 Cyber Laws


FY / SEM IBasic Chemistry I
 Bioorganic Chemistry I
 Biodiversity and Cell Biology
 Microbial Techniques
 Introduction to Biotechnology
 Molecular biology
 Societal awareness
FY / SEM IIBioorganic Chemistry
 Basic Chemistry
 Physiology and Ecology
 Tissue Culture and Communication Skills
 Enzymology, Immunology and Biostatics
 Globalization, Ecology and Sustainable Development
SY / SEM IIIBiophysics
 Applied Chemistry- I
 Cell Biology and Cytogenetics
 Molecular Biology
 Bioprocess Technology
 Research Methodology
SY / SEM IVBiochemistry
 Applied Chemistry- II
 Medical Microbiology
 Environmental Biotechnology
 Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
 Molecular Diagnostics
 Entrepreneurship Development
TY / SEM VCell biology
 Medical Microbiology & Instrumentation
 Genomes and Molecular Biology
 Marine Biotechnology
TY / SEM VIBiochemistry
 Industrial Microbiology
 Pharmacology and Neurochemistry
 Environmental Biotechnology

Bachelor of Management Studies

FY / Sem IBusiness Economics 1
 Business Statistics
 Business Law I
 Business Communication I
 Introduction to Financial Accounts
 Foundation of Human Skills 
 Foundation Course – I
FY / Sem IIBusiness Enviroment 
 Business Mathematics
 Industrial Law 
 Foundation Course – Value Education and Soft Skill – II
 Principles of Management 
 Principles of Marketing  
 Business Communication – II
SY / Sem IIIIInformation Technology in Business Management – I 
 Environmental Management 
 Business Planning & Entrepreneurial Management 
 Accounting for Managerial Decisions 
 Strategic Management 
 Consumer Behaviour  
 Product Innovations Management 
 Introduction to cost account 
 Corporate Finance 
SY / Sem IV Information Technology in
Business Management-II
 FOUNDATION COURSE – Ethics and Governance  
 Business Research Method 
 Business Economics 
 PRODUCTION &  Total Quality Management  
 Integrated Marketing CommunicationSYBMS (MKT)
 Rural Marketing SYBMS (MKT)
 Strategic Cost ManagementSYBMS (FIN)
 Financial Institutions & MarketsSYBMS (FIN)
TY / Sem V Logistics and supply chain Management  
 Corporate communication and Public Relations   
 Services Marketing (46004)TYBMS (MKT)
 E-Commerce & Digital Marketing (MKt)(46007)TYBMS (MKT)
 Customer Relationship Management(460013)TYBMS (MKT)
 Strategic Marketing Management (460019)TYBMS (MKT)
 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management 46003TYBMS (FIN)
 Wealth management (46009)TYBMS (FIN)
 Risk Management (460015)TYBMS (FIN)
 Direct Taxes (FIN) (460018)TYBMS (FIN)
TY / Sem V IOperation Research  
 Project Work (BLACK BOOK) 
 Brand ManagementTYBMS (MKT)
 Retail Management (86006)TYBMS (MKT)
 Media Planning and Management (86012)TYBMS (MKT)
 International Marketing (86009)TYBMS (MKT)
 International FinanceTYBMS (FIN)
 Innovative Financial Services TYBMS (FIN)
 Project Management (86008)TYBMS (FIN)
 Strategic Financial Management (86011)TYBMS (FIN)

Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

FY / SEM IHistory of Media
 Foundation Course
 Fundamentals of Mass Communications
 Current Affairs
 Effective Communication Skills
 Visual Communications
FY / SEM IIEffective Communications Skills II
 Foundation Course II
 Content Writing
 Introduction to Advertising
 Introduction to Journalism
 Medi Gender and Culture
SY / SEM IIICorporate Communication and Public Relations
 Electronic Media I
 Film Communucations I
 Media Studies
 Introduction to Photography
 Computers and Multimedia
SY / SEM IVElectronic Media II
 Writng and Editing for Media
 Mass Media Research
 Film Communication II
 Computer Multimedia II
 Media Law and Ethics
TY / SEM VAdvertising in Contemporary Society(Advertising)
 Media Planning and Buying(Advertising)
 Brand building(Advertising)
 Consumer Behaviour(Advertising)
 Ad Design(Advertising)
 Editing (Journalism)
 Indian Regional Journalism(Journalism)
 Journalism  and Public Opinion(Journalism)
 Features and Opinion(Journalism)
 Newspaper and Masgazine Making(Journalism)
TY / SEM VIAdvertising and Marketing Research(Advertising)
 Legal Environment and Advertising Ethics(Advertising)
 Financial Management for Matrketing and Advertising(Advertising)
 Agency Management(Advertising)
 Principles and Practice of Direct Marketing(Advertising)
 Contemporary Issues(Advertising)
 Digital Media(Advertising)
 Press Laws and Ethics(Journalism)
 Broadcast Journalism(Journalism)
 Business and Magazine Journalism(Journalism)
 Internet and Issues of Global Media(Journalism)
 News Media Managment(Journalism)
 Contemporary Issues(Journalism)
 Digital Media(Journalism)

Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting and Finance (BAF)

FY / SEM IFinancial Accounting (Elements of Financial Accounting) –  I
 Cost Accounting (Introduction and Elements of cost)- I
 Financial Management (Introduction to Financial Management) – I
 Business Communication – I
 Foundation Course – I
 Commerce (Business Environment) – I
 Business Economics – I
FY / SEM IIFinancial Accounting (Special Accounting Areas) – II
 Auditing (Introduction and Planning) -I
 Innovative Financial Services
 Business Communication – II
 Foundation Course – II
 Business Law (Business Regulatory Framework) – I
 Business Mathematics
SY / SEM IIIFinancial Accounting (Special Accounting Areas) – III
 Cost Accounting (Methods of Costing)- II
 Taxation -II (Direct Taxes Paper – I)
 Information Technology in Accountancy – I
 Foundation Course in Commerce (Financial Market Operations) – III
 Business Law (Business Regulatory Framework) – II
 Business Economics – II
SY / SEM IVFinancial Accounting (Special Accounting Areas) – IV
 Management Accounting (Introduction to Management Accounting)
 Taxation – III (Direct Taxes – II)
 Information Technology in Accountancy – II
 Foundation Course in Management ( Introduction to Management) IV
 Business Law (Company Law) III
 Research Methodology in Accounting and Finance
TY / SEM VFinancial Accounting-(V)
 Financial Accounting-(VI)
 Cost Accounting-(III)
 Financial Management-(II)
 Taxation-(IV) (Indirect Taxes-II)
 Management-II (Management Applications)
TY / SEM VIFinancial Accounting-(VII)
 Cost Accounting (IV)
 Financial Accounting (III)
 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management   II
 Management Control Systems
 Project Work- II
 Research Methodology in Accounting and Finance